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Message From President of JAGAM

With the accelerated vaccination programs for all age groups and encouraging booster uptake among the adult populations, countries around the world are opening up again or slowly easing the covid-19 restrictions and finalising the exit strategy to move on to a new endemic phase.

I am glad that JUGAS has chosen this timely topic, Out of the tunnel and into the light, The New Norm after Covid-19 for ASEAN and Japan, given the fact that Singapore has one of the highest vaccination and booster rates in the world. We are all rooting for Singapore's strategy of “living with the virus” as it will be a mirror for ASEAN countries in which gold standards can be replicated and potential pitfalls be avoided.

On behalf of JAGAM, I would like to applaud JUGAS for the courageous attempt of organizing the first hybrid conference since the start of the pandemic. The 26th ASCOJA Conference will be a tremendous success because I have full confidence in JUGAS’ leadership, backed by a devoted organising committee who are all professionals in different fields. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone again, see you there and let’s learn from each other!

Gary Tang

President 2021-23


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