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Travelling to Singapore:

Travelling around Singapore:

Attending the event:

Travellers seeking to enter Singapore will do so via a Safe Travel Lane arrangement, and the entry requirements and health controls of each Safe Travel Lane may differ depending on the traveller’s profile and travel history. Travellers can refer to the following sections on this page to determine the most relevant arrangement(s) to enter Singapore:

For a smooth entry into Singapore, register for Safe Travel Concierge to view a checklist of pre-travel requirements and access e-services and forms, such as the e-Health Declaration Card required by all travellers, including Singapore residents which can be found here. You can also pre-book and pay for your on-arrival Covid-19 PCR test, if required. If you are arriving into Singapore on Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights, please ensure that the “I’m travelling on the VTL” box is ticked and you hold a valid vaccination certificate.

Non VTL travellers have to serve a 10-day Stay-at-Home Notice (SHN) in a suitable accommodation. Travelers must undergo a COVID-19 PCR test before the end of SHN. Take serology test at a Public Health Preparedness Clinic to confirm their vaccination status within 14 days of completing self-isolation.

COVID-19 Travel Insurance and Medical Treatment for Inbound Travellers

- Mandatory Insurance for Short-term Visitors
All short-term visitors applying to enter Singapore via the Air Travel Pass (ATP), Reciprocal Green Lanes (RGLs) and Vaccinated Travel Lane (Air) will need to have travel insurance for their COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs in Singapore, with a minimum coverage of S$30,000 (based on COVID-19 bill sizes at private hospitals). This is a requirement regardless of the traveller’s vaccination or recovery status, as there is still a risk that these travellers can get a COVID-19 infection and require medical attention. More details here.

TraceTogether is a technological solution to combat the spread of COVID-19 via contact tracing. All travellers will be required to utilise the TraceTogether app, or obtain a TraceTogether token during their stay in Singapore.

Children aged 6 years or younger in the current calendar year are exempted from the TraceTogether requirement.

TraceTogether App
Prior to arriving in Singapore, travellers should check that their mobile devices are compatible with the TraceTogether app, download it on their mobile devices, and register their mobile number and profile on the app. Travellers must register their profile on the app with the same identification number, nationality and date of birth as those shown in the passport that they are using to enter Singapore. A TraceTogether (TT) App setup guide for travellers can be found here.

Visitors who are unable to download the TraceTogether App on their mobile devices should consider renting a TraceTogether-compatible mobile device once they have entered Singapore. Or they may rent a TraceTogether Token, the instructions are found here.

Visitors must click on the ‘ACTIVATE APP’ button on their TraceTogether app holding screen immediately after they have cleared arrival immigration in Singapore and follow the instructions to activate the app.

Social Activities in Singapore

All vaccinated: 5 per group, regardless of household.


All vaccinated: 5 per group, regardless of household at places with full VDS checks; otherwise 2 per group, regardless of household.

Other activities can be found here.

  1. TraceTogether (TT)-only SafeEntry check-in for entry into and exit from the event venue or any premises in the event itinerary (including an event hall, a meeting room or a function room).

  2. All participants are reminded to monitor their health for COVID-19 symptoms for 7 days and report to Event Organisers within this period if any of them has displayed the symptoms, and to test for COVID-19 if they do have any such symptoms.

  3. All participants entering or remaining in the event venue are fully vaccinated. An individual is considered fully vaccinated if he/ she is a) fully vaccinated (i.e. has received the full regimen of a WHO EUL vaccine, with an additional two weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective), b) recovered from COVID-19, or c) has obtained a negative result on a Pre-Event Test taken in the past 24 hours before the expected end of the event.

  4. All participants on Controlled Itineraries (CI) have a valid negative COVID-19 Pre-Event Test (PET) result from a MOH-approved COVID-19 test provider within the Validity Period (24-hours before the end of each event day e.g. If the event day ends at 5:00 pm,
    a participant must take his/her pre-event test no earlier than 5:00 pm the day before), to participate in each event day. Other COVID-19 tests (e.g. PCR tests) done pursuant to other testing requirements (e.g. Reciprocal Green Lane, Rostered Routine Testing) can be used at entry checks, provided that the event is within the Validity Period.

Refer to Checklist on Safe Management Measures for Safe Business Events framework for MICE events for more information

Stay safe and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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